AFS Principal’s Welcome

In Al Fajer Private School, our goal is not only developing academic skills and providing our children with the best quality of education; but also, to inject strong moral values in our pursuit of excellence toward a high-end future generation.

Our team consists of highly professional teachers supported by good experience management leading to achieve our goals and make AFS a consistent formula to make the best out of our children.

We continuously work on improving our school to keep providing our children with the safest environment while keeping an eye on the quality of education provided. We welcome all children wishing to join our AFS family with no discrimination of any kind. We always seek to it to provide our beloved ones with the best experience throughout their years shared with us.

In the end, that was the secret formula of AFS’ success so far.

AFS Vice Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to Al Fajer School!
Al Fajer School offers students both an American and Ministry of Education curriculum that allows students an opportunity to learn English and Arabic simultaneously. This, along with their exposure to French and other school activities and field trips, gives our students an experience unique among schools in Bahrain. Students learn to appreciate the Bahraini culture while becoming global citizens respecting the culture of others.
I am excited for the start of the 2018-2019 school year. The administrative team spent the summer reviewing the past year’s accomplishments and have made additions to the physical campus, curriculum, and programming which will provide our students an excellent opportunity to learn. We have added our own Spelling Bee and Reading competitions, will offer increased use of the library facilities for our students, will offer an after-school and during school hours book club to name a few of the 2018-2019 programs. After piloting an English language diagnostic assessment last year, we have fully adopted the Renaissance STAR 360 Reading, Early Literacy, and Math assessments for our English language offerings. We are the only school in Bahrain to offer this fully implemented assessment program to Bahraini students. These assessments not only show how our students compare to their US counterparts, but they also provide valuable guided assistance for our teachers to teach the skills our students need most to be successful. Additionally, you, as parents, will receive student progress reports generated from these assessments throughout the year so that you can become more informed about your child’s progress. Efforts to improve students’ Arabic language experience are also a focus this year as well. I am proud to be a part of a school dedicated to helping students grow academically and personally to meet the challenges of today’s society.
A school with a surging enrollment, Al Fajer’s on-going commitment to excellence is evidenced by its annual self-assessment, improvements to campus facilities, on-going teacher training, and curriculum enhancements designed to meet the ever-changing landscape of today. Student success and their development as positive contributors to society remains our primary objective at Al Fajer Private School.
Thank you for visiting our website. I look forward to working with you as a part of our Al Fajer School community.
Mr. Richard Herrig, Vice Principal


Our mission is to inspire and prepare every student to achieve personal development and academic excellence as an engaged global citizen by inspiring and empowering them to become positive learners who respect their culture and the culture of others. We provide a challenging, innovative program within a compassionate environment.


Al Fajer Private School is a vibrant community.
Where learning is enjoyable,
Where learning is innovative,
Where learning is genuine,
Where learning is collaborative,
Where learning is technology driven,
Where learning is responsible,
Where learning is respectful,
Where learning is positive,
Where learning is inspiring,
Where learning is empowering.
Al Fajer Private School is the school where learning extends beyond walls.


Our core values are reflecting through our colors highlighting loyalty and integrity through the color Blue and reflecting intellect, optimism and creativity through the color yellow.